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they can win by getting the same person who recommended barack obama to the poll meanwhile, mcdonell is poised to become the first governor of the commonwealth since jim gilmore. new jersey will also choose its governor. president obama hit the campaign trail and he campaigned for john corzine. he's in a tough re-election race. he's come under fire for the way he handled the state's finances. at a rally in camden, obama told the crowd that this could be blamed on corzine's opponent. >>> police are trying to find a gunman who opened fire in the middle of a crowded halloween party in howard county killing one man. the 19 year old, aaron bryce of silver spring was killed in columbia. a second man was also shot. his relatives say he's paralyzed. officers found about 100 people in the house when they arrived shortly after 1:15 a.m. bryce died at the scene. >> he was a fine young man. never gave anybody a problem. he had a nice personality. and people loved him. you know? and you never heard him complain about having any conflicts in school with anybody. and he liked people. >> autho
about his future. president obama at george washington enjoying his favorite treat, c >>> a memorial service was held for a university of virginia medical student who died while exploring a cave in utah. john jones was trapped head first and upside down for 28 hours. he died thanksgiving day. then his family had to make an agonizing decision. instead of risking the lives of rescuers again they chose to leave jones' body where it is, in the cave. >> it will serve as the final resting place for john edward jones. >> some feel like they have failed our famil we know they have done everything in their means possible to save our brother. >> the cave's entrance will be sealed and a marker placed out front. jones was in utah visiting family with his wife and baby daughter. >>> a 106-year-old alexandria woman who never thought she would live to see america's first black president was laid to rest today. we first met rachel tucker when she went to cast her vote for barack obama. >> so glad i was able to vote this year. 190 what? what year is it? >> 2008. >> 2008. and i'm still here. thank you
was especially meaningful due to the tragic shootings this month. >> president obama had a quiet dinner at the white house. they hosted family members, close friends and white house staff. among the men knew, oysters, ham, macaroni and cheese and six kinds of pie. >>> a pair of uninvited guests. we are learning more of the northern virginia couple accused of crashing the party. they were among the 300 plus people in attendance. the secret service admits they were not on the guest list. >> once they made it into if white house tuesday night, they wasted no time posing with the vips, but the alleged security announced an investigation. a woman who was once one of his closest friends is not surpred of their attempt to get behind the scenes. >> i have seen different ways they get into places. to me, i found it was very disrespectful. i wasn't surprised. >> reporter: rachel, pictured here says they had a falling out last summer. he friend was intent on being chosen a one of the next "real housewives." >> she likes to be out there. she's very excited about wanting to be on the housewives show
, even president obama spent hours lining up the votes to pass a plan to cover all americans. brian mohr is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: it is a dramatic fight to the wire. republicans just moments ago failed to stop a vote this evening. democrats are now moving forward on a final vote on this historic health care bill. it does come down to democratic support which is not necessarily guaranteed. passage of this sweeping $1 trillion house health care reform bill came down to a couple of hours of debate and a handful of votes, none of them republican. >> we will make history. >> reporter: the day began with president obama tveling to capitol hill to make sure democrats supported the bill. late in the evening it passed a key hurdle. >> the amendment is adopted. >> reporter: an i have an amendment at the desk banning government funded abortions. it was demanded by moderate democrats. publicans condemn the health care reform plan as a washington power grab. >> how bad does it have to get before we stop the out of control spending? >> reporter: republicans presented a counteroffer they s
of a planned runoff election on saturday. abdullah cited corruption. president obama called karzai to congratulate him. he says he told karzai that the u.s. will work closely with him but he expects to see better governance and a real effort to eradicate corruption. >> he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment, but as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it's going to be in deeds. >> the election now decided, president obama can turn his full attention to a decision on troop levels in afghanistan. that decision is expected before the end of the month. >>> available supplies of the swine flu vaccine are increasing. federal health officials are saying that the vaccine has proven to be widely effective. clinical trials show just one dose offers protection for pregnant women, but children ten years and younger still need a second dose. 30 million h1n1 vaccine doses have been allocated to the united states. another 10 million are on the way this week. demand is still high. hundreds of people lined up for vaccination clinic at the mall in manass
's handling of hasan's e-mails and president and mrs. obama head to texas tomorrow to take part in a memorial service for the ft. hood victims. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen. thank you, jackie. >>> the supreme court today refused to block the execution of john allen muhammad. that means he will be put to death in less than 24 hours now. muhammad's lawyers argue that he is mentally ill and should not be put to death for terrorizing the washington area back in 2002. the supreme court did not comment on its refusal to stay the execution. for many, the execution tomorrow will end a dark chapter in the the d.c. area's history. a year after 9/11, the terror the city felt during the sniper attacks is difficult to describe now. lives were lost, routines were changed. things as simple as buying groceries or pumping gas were no longer simple tasks. but not everyone deeply impacted by muhammad and his actions will be watching tomorrow. christ gordon has our report. >> i saw a flash of light. heard a gigantic sound. a window exploded and shots came in and i was just being shot. >> reporter: restaura
, he's under 24-hour guard. >>> president obama ordered flags at federal building to fly at half mass to honor the victims at ft. hood. this is the flag being lowered outside the pentagon. >>> one of the victims practiced psychology. >> we continue to learn more about local residents involved. two northern virginia men, one who helped the wounded and a relative that eduardo caraveo was one of the victims. he made a career out of helping others. as an accomplished clinical psychologist and motivational speaker. he was an army major, part of the 467th combat stress control team preparing for deployment. he just left virginia for texas. wednesday, arriving at ft. ho, thursday, he was one of three people in his unit killed. several others injured in the shooting. he treated many of the wounded, jump starting the hospital's casualty plan as soon as the first calls started coming in. >> we had to take doctor training events. but, we were certainly trained for it. >> reporter: he described how surrounding emergency personnel and hospitals from nearby all took patients and some of the wounded
obama who was briefed by robert gates. >> it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> mr. obama asked all americans to keep the victims and their families in their prayers. >>> just before 6:00, the house of representatives held a moment of silence. lawmakers took a break to pray for their family members. >>> muslim leaders came out to condemn the attacks and urge the public not to respond to the violence or harassment. representatives from the islamic relations offered prayers and condolences for those involved in the tragedy. they expressed their concern about retaliation. some said they ar already getting hate calls and e-mails. >> all of those who intend to cause any harm would think about that. there are families who are suffering and mourning today. let's show a sense of compassion and let's not take violence on innocent people who have nothi to do with the death. >> reporter: the suspects motives have not been confirmed by authorities. our coverage of the
. in arlington, president obama met with a team of advisors to discuss options on troop levels in afghanistan. mr. obama wasn't happy with the options. >>> interesting story involving a veteran in milwaukee, today. a 21-year-old army reservist was walking home yesterday morning, when he was jumped by a group of guys. when they looked in the wallet and found an army id in the wallet, they apologized and gave it back to them. one gave him a fist bump and thanked him for his service. >>> stil ahead, the ft. hood hero talks. miss crenshaw is here to talk about the latest online squam targeting facebook users. >> trouble off the kord between gill ber arenas and shaquille o'neal. >> the capitols working overtime. the nationals remove the interment. >>> doctors over seeing the training of an army psychiatrist say they had concerns before the attack, but didn't think he was violent. major any dal ma lick hasan were defensive of his faith. they did not tell the army. >>> 13 people were killed, 2 wounded in the that shooting ram panlg at ft. hood. officials say more lives could have been lost if it weren't
stepdaughters. his youngest child is 3 years old. >>> president obama is expected to unveil his afghanistan war strategy on tuesday night. he'll make the announcement from the west point military academy in new york. the president is expected to make the case for sending about 30,000 more troops to afghanistan. in week the president promised to finish the job in afghanistan while he is in office. the troop increase would be the second since he became president. liberal democrats are lining up against the surge partly because of the cost. >>> still to come tonight we'll tell you about a 62-year-old woman known as the robin hood banker. authorities say she stole millions from the rich to bail those in debt. >>> turkey named courage who caught a break. >> and bob has a look at >>> two memorial services are scheduled for the late washington wizards' owner abe pollin. died yesterday with a battle with a rare gen generative disorder. it's an illness similar to parkinson's disease. his funeral will be held on friday at 11:30 at the washington hebrew congregation on mccown viet in northwest d.c. and al
president hamid karzai. >>> coming up first lady michelle obama dresses up for halloween and thousands of kids party at the white house. we'll take you behind the scenes. >>> plus, can we salvage the weekend and get rid of all this rain? meteorologist chuck bell is standing by with that forecast. >>> in mexico preparations are under way for the annual day of the dead celebration there. every year mexicans mark the holiday by placing giant skulls and huge skeletons at the altars of deceased relatives and friends. marigolds are placed around pictures of the deceased. the flower is believed to guide the living back to their loved ones. >>> the president and first lady hosted a big halloween party tonight. it was the busiest front porch and the most famous front porch in america tonight. 2000 kids from washington area schools went to trick or treat at the white house. the president and first lady as you can see there handed out goody bags to ghosts, goblins, and kids in really cool costumes. not sure what that kid is there. pretty creative. michelle obama got into the halloween spirit spor
they turned virginia blue. exit polls show independents that brought barack obama to victory. >> tonight, you have given me the title of governor of virginia. i pledge to you, over the next four years, action and result. >> reporter: he focused on job creation they call it a referendum. republican leaders say mcdonnell's win provides a new model for gop candidates nationwide. >> let the word go forth across this great land, the republican resurgents begins again tonight, here in virginia. >> reporter: it was his ticket meat who hoisted a broom on the stage to underscore the gop sweep. he struck a by partisanship tone in his speech. >> my promise to you as governor is the same as candidate for governor. to create more jobs and opportunities so every virginians can pursue liberty in this commonwealth. thank you. >> reporter: now, republicans are hoping for a coat tail effect. some are too close to call. it looks like the republicans will add to the majority. reporting live, julie carey. >> thank you. >> craig melvin is at the democrats headquarters where some are wondering what went ong. >> rep
a large budget gap. the teachers union is suing saying the firings were not necessary. >>> president obama will announce his strategy about the war in afghanistan in a week. resources tell nbc news 34,000 or so additional troops will be sent to afghanistan. stanley mcchrystal is happy with that number. >> all eyes were on the white house tonight for the obama's first state dinner. the lavish black-tie affair served as a backdrop for improving relations for the u.s. and india. it featured india's state bird the peacock. >>> coming up tonight, an intervw with chris samuels. >> he talks about whether he'll ever play, again. >> a man dove into a pond to save a young driver he didn't know iñ oñiñ >>> skins lineman chris samuels is out for a year with a neck injury. it's led to a difficult decision. we have the report. >> reporter: jim, offensive tackle, chris samuels was the first pick for the redskins. he's been one of the most reliable players. he'll review the final mri results and make the biggest decision of his career. for ten years, chris samuels has given everything he has. there's m
to honor the 13 people shot and killed there last week. president obama spoke about each of the victims. one was a psychologist from woodbridge, north carolina. he arrived one day before the shooting. >> major spoke little english when he came to america as a teenager. he put himself through college, earned a ph.d. and helped them cope with the stress of deployment. >> he was red dou deploy. he was 52 years old. the president spoke privately with all the victim families. >> the storm called ida is losing strength now and residents escaped largely unscathed. drenching rain continues to fall over the southeastern part of the country tonight. two inches of water have put things already under water in atlanta, georgia. high water stalled out cars. some drivers had to be held. power crews are staying busy with trees uprooted. >> the rain almost reached the washington area and is bringing big temperature changes with it. bob, how is it going to affect us? >> gusty winds tomorrow and a fair amount of rain to the south. look how much rain has fallen. north carolina over six inches of if month t
to buy insurance. president obama plans to meet with lawmakers friday. >>> fairfax and louden county. >>> alexandria fighting back against sex shops. >>> months after this awful fire, flames hit home, again. >> it looks like a debate between bill clinton and george w. bush. you'll have to wait. >> bob, howbout the weather? >> we have a cool night. the weekend is getting closer. >> bob, clinton portis talking about owner dan snyder, plus, how do the capitals fair without their superstar. gócog? >>> investigators are trying to find out what caused a deadly fire at a gas station. he stopped to fill up a gas can after 4:00 this morning from frederick, maryland. he died after fire engulfed him and his suv. it was captured by a security camera. exxon says they are cooperating with investigators. >>> peggy is dealing with yet another fire. over the summer, her home in the district northwest was destroyed. it left city wide concerns about water pressure. yesterday, a fire started at the apartment where she is now staying. nobody w injured, but it caused a few thousand dollars in damage. >>>
. >> reporter: health care still facing a tough fight. president obama applauded the senate vote and said he is looking forward to a thorough and productive debate. brian mohr, nbc news, washington. >>> we are following breaking news in annandale, fires discovered a body in a burning car. will low oaks corporate road. authorities have not been able to figure out if the body is man or woman or whether there was foul play. we'll continue to stay on top of the story. meanwhile, two police officers were flown to the hospital today. they crashed during a high-speed chase. it all started on i-95 near largo and ended 30 miles later in the ft. mchenry tunnel. >> reporter: dr. ellen sistari was on a short trip into district and found herself in a dangerous pursuit. >> i was driving and looked back and saw the two police cars, one on each side in the back. i saw one turn into another lane and saw him going out of control. >> reporter: maryland state police received reports of an eradek driver on the beltway. they closed in. >> one of our troopers spotted the driver behind a mark's sheriff's vehicle fl
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